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Svanubhava holds a number of events all around the year focussed on the youth of the country, engaging them in the arts and creating a learning atmosphere to help better understand the Indian cultures and tradition. Here are the details of a few upcoming events.

Festival Registration

Workshop Registration: Music | Dance | Arts

Svanubhava 2016 Schedule

Svanubhava Festival

9th year in succession, festival begins on 22nd August in collaboration with Kalakshetra

Svanubhava Festival

Held on the 20th and 21st of November 2015 at Vidya Vanam, Anaikatti!


Held for the 3rd time at Trichy, at BHEL on the 21st and 22nd of February 2016


Svanubhava is a cultural movement in celebration of Indian art like never before, exposing students to various Indian art forms. It is a unique event conducted by the students of the performing arts.

The thrust areas of Svanubhava are:

1. To create a community of students of the performing arts and instill in them a sense of ownership, belonging and pride, breaking all barriers of institutions and styles.

2. To provide students with an opportunity to directly interact and learn from great artists, as such opportunities are not generally available to the students.

3. To develop a sense of respect and mutual understanding amongst students towards the various art forms.

4. To create a future generation that will contribute to the Indian performing arts, irrespective of their own pursuits.

Svanubhava was conceptualized with the intention of welcoming the students to the diverse, multicultural world of Indian art and introduce them to the underlying beauty of even the rarest forms.

This festival aims to involve students of various art institutions, students from private and public educational institutions, and in the process, create hubs of student communities where they can feel a sense of belonging and nurture their passion towards the Indian art forms. Svanubhava was inaugurated at Chennai, where it has been conducted since 2008. The festival is conducted with the support of Kalakshetra, a premier institute of dance and music. In 2011, Svanubhava went national by taking the festival to the nation’s capital, New Delhi. Since then, Svanubhava has travelled to other cities like Trichy, Bangalore and even Jaffna, Sri Lanka.


After a dozen festivals, Svanubhava has featured more than 50 Indian art forms. Here are some pictures from all the festivals held in different cities.


Here, you can find timely updates from the Svanubhava team with respect to schedules, timings, new art forms, press releases and articles pertaining to the festival from different centres across the globe.

24th March, 2014

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Svanubhava Chennai 2014 Dates

By Admin

THe dates for this year's Svanubhava has been fixed. Mark your calendars for the 6th, 7th and 8th of August 2014 and see you there at 9 AM, everyday! For more infor, keep checking back.

26th March 2014

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Svanubhava On-the-go

By Admin

This is an initiative to take Svanubhava, session by session to schools and initiate the uninitiated into the fine arts of India. Beginning this June, do contact us if you would like a session in your school.

  • It is always a nice thing singing for students. I have been a part of Svanubhava since it started. I wish Svanubhava a great success and continue the noble work.

    Smt. S. Sowmya
    Carnatic Vocalist
  • This looks to be a good venture for those just initiated into music. It will help pep up their interest. We eagerly await the response and feedback to this event.

    Sri N. Vijay Siva
    Carnatic Vocalist
  • It is a great venture where the present generation of artistes come forward and guide the young budding musicians. This will surely ‘bridge’ the generation gap between the musicians and the students.

    Neyveli Sri Santhanagopalan
    Carnatic Vocalist
  • This venture will surely help the students to grasp better things in music. The artists can view this as an opportunity to discuss, highly professional issues with the senior music students, who are aspiring to take music as their career. I congratulate them for having started this event and I hope the students utilize it to its fullest extent.

    Sri Sriram Parasuram
  • It was great fun composing and recording the theme music for Svanubhava. Svanubhava is full of interesting events. It brings together various musicians and other artistes from different parts of the world.

    Sri K. Arun Prakash
  • This is a unique concept developed by the Svanubhava committee. This venture will inspire other aspirants as well to learn and understand music from the point of view of successful performing artistes of different generations.

    Sri B.S. Purushotham


Interested in volunteering, supporting, coordinating, helping or contributing?
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


We have had the privilege of being associated with many wonderful people who believe in the cause of Svanubhava. They have supported us immensely from our inception and we owe it to them, without whom the work we do would be impossible. Our dear friends at Svanubhava!